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Confidence_shutterstock_137147468 copyAre you constantly held back by telling yourself that you don’t think you’re ready? Do you worry that one day you will be found out?  That one day people will discover the truth?  That you are some sort of imposter? In this article, we shall be taking a look at how to boost confidence and defeat Imposter Syndrome.

Confidence leads to success. I don’t think that’s too bold a statement. Just think about it for a moment. If you feel confident in performing a task or role, you are likely to succeed and maybe even excel.

The mistake many people make is to believe that success will breed confidence.

“If I get that promotion, I will feel more confident in my abilities.”

“If I can just pass the next exam, then I’ll be more confident.”

“If I can just find the right relationship my self-confidence will grow.”

But what happens if success comes your way at a time when you are not feeling confident about what you are doing or about yourself?

Rather than allowing your confidence to grow, what tends to happen is that confidence levels can fall (or at least don’t improve) and anxiety levels start to rise.

Achieving some sort of success, or success coming to you, when you do not feel confident in your current position can lead to the sense of Imposter Syndrome – that feeling that any day now you will be found out, that someone will notice that you are not up to the task.

This can have a number of limiting and deleterious affects. You may start to worry more, increasing anxiety. You may try to over-compensate to make up for any perceived shortfall. You may begin to burn out.

And often, if you feel this way, the very thought of success and what that might mean for you is enough to hold you back, telling yourself “I don’t think I’m ready”.

But how will you know for sure if you don’t even try?

The key is to experiment. Find ways to step outside of your comfort zone. This doesn’t need to be anything drastic. Identify small steps you can take at first. Challenge yourself every day by asking:

“What ONE thing can I do today that will stretch me and move me forward?”

When doing this, it’s important to remember that you cannot fail! There is no failure. Failure is merely an idea dreamt up by people. What does exist, however, are opportunities for learning. If it didn’t work out quite as well as you would have liked, what will you do differently next time to get a better outcome? How can you do it even better next time?

Keep working away, little steps every day. As you consistently push back your limits, your sense of control will grow as your experience and capabilities expand.

And this will naturally grow and boost your confidence to levels that you might previously have thought impossible.

You already have all the confidence you need. You just need to access it. And when you do, success will seek you out. 

Matt is a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness facilitator based in Macclesfield, Cheshire where he specialises in helping people with panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, lack of confidence and other anxiety related issues.  

If you are looking for 1:1 bespoke support, contact Matt today to discuss what options might be available to you.

This article contains the personal views and opinions of the author, which may change over time. It is intended to be for information only and does not constitute medical advice. For medical and health advice, always consult a qualified medical professional.

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