Living Proof


Matt has been an incredible help. After eight sessions with him, I feel like I have a new handle on life that I haven’t felt in years. All of my previous worries have disappeared and my mind now feels clear again. If anxiety is controlling your life, I could not recommend Matt more!

Francis, Macclesfield

Before coming to see Matt at The Anxiety Master I felt very low in energy, irritable, a bit down and I felt unable to do anything about the problem. The work with Matt has been very successful and there have been many benefits – I am much calmer, no longer irritated by trivial matters, much less negative about myself and others, more spontaneous and I am more open to trying new things. I feel as if a layer of negativity has been lifted from my life. Matt is very supportive and non-judgemental and I was always left feeling positive and energised by the work we had done. I am very happy I was able to benefit from Matt’s approach and experience – the positive effects were almost immediate and have proved to last. It has been a totally positive experience!

SM, Macclesfield

Worry, anxiety and negative thoughts were stopping me from being able to live a normal life. Now, I feel a lot more confident in everyday life and able to fulfil my goals. It was really nice to be able to talk to Matt and I never felt like I was being judged. I really liked learning about the psychology and neuroscience behind anxiety. Reducing anxiety has had such a positive effect on my whole life. If you are considering contacting Matt at The Anxiety Master, you should definitely do it! There isn’t any reason not to.

``Joy``, Biochemist, Manchester

I had been suffering for a number of years with anxiety about public speaking and presentations. I was stuck in a rut and unable to move forward. The results of the work we did speak for themselves. I have recently started a new job that, prior to working with Matt, I would not even have applied for. The greatest reward, however, is that my overall happiness, confidence, resilience and self-belief have not only increased but are sustained. I write this some months after my work with Matt and am thrilled that I am able to manage, or in some cases completely eradicate, the negative thoughts and anxieties that used to hold me back. For the first time, I am comfortable in my own skin and that is empowering. If you are even considering contacting Matt, I would advise you to stop thinking about it and just do it. With Matt’s help I have changed my life in so many ways and I haven’t looked back.

Ruth, Macclesfield

Before coming to see Matt, I found it very difficult to focus and concentrate on everyday things. I was scared of being stuck in a never-ending circle of my problems. I feel like a different person now. Within a few sessions I grew more confident and I have been able to find myself many opportunities in the career I have always wanted – something I would have just kept putting off if it weren’t for The Anxiety Master. The sessions made me feel complete in the sense that I am in control of my concentration, focus, my self-confidence and my habits. I would definitely (100%) recommend The Anxiety Master to anyone in need. I am almost 100% certain that if you have a problem and are willing to work at it with Matt, he can definitely help you out!

Millie K, Play Worker, Macclesfield

It is like a breath of fresh air for me now. The way Matt was able to open up my inner thoughts to focus on why I was having so much anxiety was unbelievable! Matt never judges and has a great ability to see things in a different light. If you are having any form of anxiety in your life, whatever your age, talk to Matt. He will look at your life and personal situations in an unbiased, sincere way. You're only on this Earth once, make the most of it!

Peter D - Retired, Stoke-on-Trent

Working with Matt helped me to relax and to deal with the struggles in my life. He also helped me to change my anger into happiness and made me more positive. Matt is amazing at what he does and really cares about helping you to change.

Bridie - Playworker, Macclesfield

I would recommend Matt's services to everybody without exception. He has the capacity and skills to lighten anybody's load. He has helped me to help myself and I know that it is to lasting effect. Matt was - throughout all our sessions - attentive, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, open minded and with a great sense of humour in just the right places. Extremely professional, he is an exceptional listener. He is a great contribution to the welfare of the human spirit!

“Milly P.” - Artist, Macclesfield.

I would be very happy to recommend Matt's services to others. He has helped me to understand my anxiety and taught me how to manage it in my day-to-day life. He does this by providing a supportive environment where he listens calmly and enables me to work through issues. In particular, Matt has tailored his service to my specific needs. For example, he has spent time discussing how the brain works and how our minds operate helping me to understand how I can change the way I live my life.

MDG - Retired, Macclesfield

Matt listened to me and I felt the work was tailored to me and to what I wanted to get out of it. This has been an invaluable experience for me. I would recommend anyone to go and see Matt and learn from him. It can only benefit that person, in my view.

NM - Research Scientist, Manchester

Matt is very calm and makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. Matt was able to get those inner thoughts out and help me make sense of them… I would be very happy to recommend Matt. I went from crying everyday and not feeling like I could cope, to facing up to what is happening … Matt's ability to listen and make sense of what you are going through is fantastic. I felt at ease from the moment I walked in. Matt has helped me immensely and I can't thank him enough.

KR - Macclesfield

Matt was the first person I thought of to help our daughter. As it was a very emotional subject to deal with, Matt always showed empathy and understanding. This helped our daughter's recovery immensely. He found the root of the problem which has allowed our daughter to return back to a normal life. We would, as a family, definitely recommend Matthew's service to others. There is nothing that could have been better.

LD - Accounts Manager, Macclesfield

I would be very happy to recommend Matt's services to anyone. Matt was very easy to work with and put me at ease with his quiet, calm manner. I felt Matt was non-judgemental and I could share things with him I had never shared with anyone before. I feel more positive now than I have in a lifetime. I have huge respect for Matt as a professional and I only wish that this service had been around years ago!

FM - Owner/Manager, after school service for children and young people, Macclesfield