Resolving Inner Conflict With Hypnotherapy

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Do you feel your mind is being pulled in two different directions at once? Discover how resolving inner conflict with hypnotherapy could help in this article.

Have you ever found yourself setting out to achieve something, only to find yourself later undermining your own efforts?

Or do you find yourself apparently wanting something one minute and then find yourself talking yourself out of it the next?

These are just some examples of something that comes up time and time again in the work I do – inner conflict.

And where inner conflict remains unresolved, progress and change can be slow at best. Sometimes it may not even begin!

There is an idea that we are all made up different “parts”. Now, this isn’t to be confused with multiple personalities! It’s just parts of who we are. And different parts are more or less noticeable at different times.

For example, you may have a professional part of you that comes to the forefront at work. During your leisure time, this part may drop into the background as a more a more playful part of you emerges. There may be a part of you that gets angry or frustrated at certain things. There may be another part of you that is happy to go with the flow.

Much of the time, all the different parts of us are working together harmoniously, helping us to achieve out goals and basically get on with life.

But every now and again, a conflict can arise. By conflict, I mean it’s like two different parts of us want two different things and they are at odds with each other.

Some common examples might include:

“Part of me knows I need to give this presentation at work, but part of me is terrified of being asked a question!”

“Part of me really enjoys singing and I want to perform, but part of me thinks everyone will just laugh at me.”

“Part of me wants to have the confidence to go out and meet new people, but part of me wants to stay quiet unnoticed.”

Can you sense the conflict in these statements? It’s like a tug-of-war going on deep inside you and it can leave you feeling anxious, fearful or frustrated.

And even if you are consciously aware of the conflict, it’s not always a simple job to resolve it – at least not at a conscious level using logic and reasoning.

That’s because much of these parts of ourselves are subconscious – outside of normal awareness. I, for one, am not aware of myself consciously switching from “Work Mode” to “Leisure Mode”. It happens subconsciously. I am not usually aware of it.

And it is this subconscious nature of an inner conflict that poses a bit challenge.

We are mostly very familiar with the conscious aspects of our minds – thoughts, decisions, analysis, judgements, logic, reasoning – and less so with the subconscious aspects. Feelings, emotions, memories, beliefs and so on.

So, if this conflict between different parts of us is subconscious how can we work to resolve it?

One way could be to use hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can provide a pathway to helping you explore your own inner processes and resolve issues.

In any case, the goal is never about eliminating the part that appears to be holding you back. All the parts of us have important roles to play, even if it seems initially like we are trying to sabotage ourselves!

A skilled hypnotherapist, therefore, can guide you to identify the conflicting parts and help you to negotiate a resolution, easing the conflict and bringing about co-operation instead.

And when all the parts of you are pulling in the same direction and working as a coherent team … well, there’s no telling what you could achieve!

Matt Addie is a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness facilitator based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Matt specialises in helping people with panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, lack of confidence and other anxiety related issues using a range of techniques that may include hypnotherapy, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), coaching and various psychotherapy approaches.

This article contains the personal views and opinions of the author, which may change over time. It is intended to be for information only and does not constitute medical advice. For medical and health advice, always consult a qualified medical professional.


  • Wow, I had no idea that hypnotherapy could be so useful in solving inner conflicts; that is really neat! Just the fact that a hypnotherapist can help you “explore your own inner processes” sounds really intriguing to me. I would love to try this type of treatment out, just to see what it is like!

  • Thanks for sharing informative post.I think ,In hypnotherapy advanced technique used, called parts therapy or Inner-conflict resolution which is used to resolve these type of conflicts within. It’s a very interesting and highly effective technique.

  • Thanks for all the comments on this post. “Parts” work and resolving inner conflicts can be an incredibly effective tool and can be applied to all sorts of issues.

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